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Oh yeah.

I did it. And I am fucking awesome because of it. You all wish you could have a tomato beanie I know, I know. But you can't. Because I am the only one awesome enough.

In other news, my family still sucks my feet hurt, I had to work half an hour extra because my work suchs, Ash that drabble was not what I wanted and you know it B| Lauren Ily, Megan I miss talking to you, Noc you smell but are cute and Saku we still need to Bond it up, and you need to mention Gaga sometime when Feliks isn't kidnapped :/ and cosbuddies else I WILL SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY! 8D

If I haven't mentioned you I do love you I am just slight sleepy.

Oh and I love the new Gorillaz album. Sfm.

Oh and this.


/wrote that on in reverse, who has skills, Meg has skills.

This is Nocs fault. And Sakus, I think. Screw you guys. Istillloveyou


/Goes to wash eyeliner off her arm
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Dear Premier Illawarra Bus Services.

When you update your bus timetables, that generally implies that the buses will be on time. So it kinda peeves me that I have to wait 15 minutes in the rain and no bus shows.

(And of course when I go and get something to eat while I continue waiting, your stupid bus comes and pulls away before I can catch it. So yeah. I'm just gunna walk home, cursing you guys)


-Pissed off bus catcher.

Now I'm just going to sulk and keep marathoning Glee. I hate you, universe.
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New layout. Yay.

52 days till my b'day. More yay.

Hitler Youth Speech due tomorrow that I've barely started. No yay.

Buuuut Holidays at the end of the week. Lots of yay!

Fuck I'm bored.

what's my super power?
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Potato sucks and likes to use really big words at 2am because she is a hoebag. And won't do my HSC because she's a bitch.

I'm going to sleep now.
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It's 31 C here.

And I'm at dad's.

Who has no fans, and the house has shit insulation.

I almost had the fridge fall on me when I tried to get the ice cream out.

And there's no chocolate topping.

And the family has just returned and Mackenzie's being a huge brat now.

Someone hold me.
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Happy Valentines Day i miei amori. I love you all, lots and lots. Ti amo

/late OTL Well it was on fb on the day...
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/glees all over the place )


I have so much fucking crap to do it's not funny. There's my MTP stuff for textiles. I have to better designs, pick out fabrics, write out all this crap for my portfolio and whhhhhhhhhy did I do this sobsobsob ;A;. Then I have a practice HSC paper for English, as well as questions for a book I haven't finished. Essay for Extension 1, Proposal statement for Extension 2. Sheets for Ancient that I didn't do today. Sheets for Textiles that I didn't do. Another practice HSC paper for Modern, probably should highlight some stuff yeah. And another two books to read for Extension.


Imma have to devote tomorrow to mostly school work, sigh.

It was so flipping hot today. Mostly because it was humid and muggy and yeah. Was sticking to everything and everything was sticking to me. Ended up getting dizzy again at lunch, spent all of Ancient lying on the floor or leaning against the wall. Too hot to think. Kicked off my shoes and socks, undid half my top and wished I was home so I could strip off properly and cling to the air con. Ceiling fans are just not enough sob.

Still have to do my damn maid outfits. Might say fuck it to the mock up and just start, using my fabric. I can always get more, easily. And I don't have enough calico to do a proper mock up. And seeing as they need to be done by March 6th... and I need to get Mary down here so I can fit and tailor it if it's too big... sighhhh fecking school, this is all your fault. Need to get patterns and start on 18th Cent outfit. Fuck you HSC I'm going to SMASH.

Need to start saving too. Shit to pay for, stuff I want. (Those booooots. Not these, but I want these now too *drools*) Wanna do all this traveling while in Uni, should save even if I can do loans. Plus, yeah, it's something I need to do, basically.

I.... I should probably sleep. Ngh, fecking life. Can this year be done with yet?

p.s: anyone have aim/msn and wants to chat outside of this here lj?
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The How's My Driving? Meme
Have at me yo!
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Tonight will be a night of post, so sorry for the f-list spamming. And yes they will be all separated because they concern three different topics and I'm a bitch. Still, sorz.

ANYWAY: This post is to pimp out the wicked [profile] mzzombiieee She's a talented artist, even though she won't believe you when you say that, but anyways. She's also in need of money. She has her cafepress, 'Gorectrimmy' Check it out, kay? It's slowly being updated with new things, because she like me has to attend the hellhole of school.

She also does commissions. You'll need references probably, and her prices depend on the difficulty of the piece and the cost it will be to create. However I think it's well worth it, because like I said her art is gorg. For a quick check of her style/ability, here's her deviantart page.

She's also a great sewer, but I'm not sure if she's doing commissions in that. You'd have to ask her. Once again it would prices depend on difficulty/expenses, and if you live overseas it will probably also include shipping.

Please check her out, because yeah, she's fair awesome.

[ profile] mzzombiieee if you don't want this just lemme know and I'll delete. Just trying to help ya out bb.
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Because in the end it was fun and worth it.

Anywho, [info]sm_fanswap are having sign ups again.

Join and conquer.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

The Rapture-No Sex For Ben




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[Error: unknown template qotd]Realist, borderline pessimist
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[Error: unknown template qotd]"That's what Lee said"- Take off of 'That's what she said', but better cuz it involves out town friend Lee

"Put that in your pope and smoke it"- Just for lulz

There are more, not including the random slang of Aussieland. Ranga, nigel, suss etcetc
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sweet and Savoury. Vegimite and jam/Honey on toast. mmmmm~ <3


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