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how ya doing? I am the slackiest yup. What is it, close to a year? Sounds right. Oops. Well. My life has been exciting and yet boring at the same time so...

Run down!

Saw Kits! Stayed there for two weeks! Went to Singapore cons! → Came home! → Moved to Canberra at the end of Jan! moved all my things ahhhh that was such a rush. But it is fun ahhh what is this adult bullshit! → Started Uni! Early Education aw yeah. → Failed first semester ahaha sob. → Starting second semester! Lecturer for a class is Danish and has a cute accents huff huff and is cute huff. Will do better this time! Even with maths! → Still cosplaying! Doing comissions for friends! → Working in a handbag shop! → Other stuff!!!!!!

What's up with you guys?

Oh and these days I am mostly on plurk, as meginatree. I spam the fuck out of there, add me add me!
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Welp. Arthur died yesterday.

For those who didn't know, Arthur was my laptop.

Aaaand because it was out of warranty and this was the second time he'd done that in 2 years I decided to get a new one.

Say hello to Antonio, mah Toshibo. Got him on a payment plan and with it a whole bunch of extras including a new internet modem and plan, carry case and antivirus protection. Pretty sweet.

Still getting used to the keyboard though, it's more modelled on a computer keyboard so it's just a matter of getting used to key placement. But I seem to be getting better.

Gunna take Arthur in to see if I can recover any files though. Cause I had so much art, so many icons, so much music and photos and convo and nnn yeah. Fingers crossed eh.

....I will be so ridiculously happy when trials and the HSC are over btw. Cause then life is mine. Heading to Singapore in early November to derp around with the girlfriend and... yeah. It will be so freaking sweet.

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/glees all over the place )


I have so much fucking crap to do it's not funny. There's my MTP stuff for textiles. I have to better designs, pick out fabrics, write out all this crap for my portfolio and whhhhhhhhhy did I do this sobsobsob ;A;. Then I have a practice HSC paper for English, as well as questions for a book I haven't finished. Essay for Extension 1, Proposal statement for Extension 2. Sheets for Ancient that I didn't do today. Sheets for Textiles that I didn't do. Another practice HSC paper for Modern, probably should highlight some stuff yeah. And another two books to read for Extension.


Imma have to devote tomorrow to mostly school work, sigh.

It was so flipping hot today. Mostly because it was humid and muggy and yeah. Was sticking to everything and everything was sticking to me. Ended up getting dizzy again at lunch, spent all of Ancient lying on the floor or leaning against the wall. Too hot to think. Kicked off my shoes and socks, undid half my top and wished I was home so I could strip off properly and cling to the air con. Ceiling fans are just not enough sob.

Still have to do my damn maid outfits. Might say fuck it to the mock up and just start, using my fabric. I can always get more, easily. And I don't have enough calico to do a proper mock up. And seeing as they need to be done by March 6th... and I need to get Mary down here so I can fit and tailor it if it's too big... sighhhh fecking school, this is all your fault. Need to get patterns and start on 18th Cent outfit. Fuck you HSC I'm going to SMASH.

Need to start saving too. Shit to pay for, stuff I want. (Those booooots. Not these, but I want these now too *drools*) Wanna do all this traveling while in Uni, should save even if I can do loans. Plus, yeah, it's something I need to do, basically.

I.... I should probably sleep. Ngh, fecking life. Can this year be done with yet?

p.s: anyone have aim/msn and wants to chat outside of this here lj?


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